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When we think about summer vacation, we often conjure up visions of relaxing on warm beaches, traveling, or curling up with a good book next to a quiet lake. However, if you are in pain, it may be difficult to think beyond the current moment let alone participate in summer fun.  Many of our SI Buddies have been through that journey and today are feeling well enough to reengage in those fun summer activities. 

SI Buddy Georgia and her husband have embarked upon a European holiday. They are visiting relatives throughout Scandinavia and Germany.

"We have never been outside of the United States so this trip is very exciting for us. When I was in pain, I never imagined I would be able to take a vacation like this one. I feel so happy."

SI Buddy Cara recently attended the Kentucky Derby for the first time and anticipates her summer will be very busy.  She is planning camp activities for her children and looks forward to attending their various sporting activities. She is also working on her master’s degree and feeling optimistic about her future.

"Opting out is no longer an option I need. It was a terrible feeling not being able to be the mom I wanted to be. Before my iFuse procedure, there were many days that I was unable to drive or sit through one of the kid’s sporting events. Those days are behind me now and I no longer have to say ‘no’ to my children due to SI joint pain."

SI Buddy Janice and her husband plan to spend several days fishing on Lake Michigan. Prior to her iFuse procedure, Janice found it too painful to be on the boat. Trying to balance as the boat swayed on the water was difficult. Janice is very happy she can resume this fun activity that she and her husband enjoy so much!

Several of our SI Buddy volunteers have children or grandchildren with whom they are celebrating everything this summer from graduations to birthdays. Not all our SI Buddies will be on the go however. There are some who will be staying at home and enjoying the simpler aspects of summer life. 

What is the SI Buddy Program?

  • The SI BuddySM Program is an iFuse Patient Networking Resource. 
  • The SI BuddySM program is reserved for patients who have been diagnosed by a trained surgeon and recommended for the iFuse procedure. SI Buddy volunteers have been successfully treated with the iFuse Implant System®. They are not medical professionals and their statements should not be interpreted as medical advice. If you are interested in speaking with an SI- Buddy, please visit: or call toll free 844-742-8339.


The iFuse Implant System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint dysfunction that is a direct result of sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis. There are potential risks associated with the iFuse Implant System. It may not be appropriate for all patients and all patients may not benefit. For information about the risks, visit:


For comprehensive information about iFuse and some causes of SI Joint pain and dysfunction, please visit

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