Meet Genné McDonald, PT – Clinical Coordinator, SI BONE, Inc.

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Genné is the clinical coordinator of an innovative Physical Therapy educational program at SI-BONE, Inc. The goal of the program is to help promote the recognition and proper diagnosis of SI joint pain and create awareness among the professional medical community.

"This program is very exciting because I get to share my experience and knowledge with people who are genuinely interested in finding a solution for the patients in their practice with SI joint pain.”

While attending college at Michigan State University, Genné became interested in the science of physical therapy after she herself was experiencing SI joint pain. “I went to student health services after experiencing pain in my lower back and hip for several days. The PT who treated me was able to eliminate the pain I was experiencing by applying manual techniques and teaching me an individualized stretching and strengthening program. It was during that time that I became interested in the biomechanics of the low back and pelvis and the profession of physical therapy.”

Genné received her PT degree in 1989 from Oakland University in Rochester, MI and began her career at University of Michigan Medical Center. Two years later she relocated to Colorado Springs and spearheaded an outpatient rehabilitation center that focused on women’s health and pregnancy related musculoskeletal issues. She moved to Florida in 1993, where she continued her clinical practice and worked as a clinical lecturer and adjunct faculty member for the PT program at the University of Florida.

Genné worked as a consultant for SI-BONE starting in 2012 and then became a full time employee in April 2014. Her most recent project was to develop a post-operative care brochure for health care professionals.

"I’m really excited about the post-operative brochure because it addresses patient positioning, mobility, safety, circulatory and stabilization exercises. The health care professionals now have a tool as a reference for each patient’s specific post-operative needs."

Genne enjoys being part of the SI-BONE team because she feels the company has exhibited an ongoing commitment to patient care through an array of innovative professional education programs. SI-BONE’s philosophy has been to focus on patient care through educating the medical community to help them arrive at the proper diagnosis for each patient.

Genné has noticed that physicians are starting to assimilate clinical evidence regarding the prevalence of sacroiliac pain. “When you are not looking for a problem, it’s very hard to see it.” Now that the supporting clinical evidence is published, and growing, it’s becoming more common for the medical community as a whole to recognize SI joint problems and incorporate comprehensive treatment solutions. “Best of all, medical professionals will have the confidence to better diagnose this underserved patient population.”

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