Welcome to SI-BONE's Patient Insurance Coverage Support (PICS)


SI-BONE believes patients should be an informed, empowered and an active participant in their healthcare decisions.

When patients are forced to appeal their insurance denials while struggling with SI joint pain, the experience can be overwhelming. We would like to help you be successful!

If you are a patient who has experienced an insurance denial, or have been denied access to the iFuse procedure through your commercial or Medicare plan, we have resources for you.

The SI-BONE Patient Insurance Coverage Support team is a group of professionals who can help you better understand your options. The service is free and supported by SI-BONE.

Experienced an insurance denial? Visit our Support page

Patients who have access to the program are:

  • Pre or post-operative iFuse patients who have been denied access to treatment or those who are currently involved in the appeal process
  • Post patients whose insurance was denied after receiving the iFuse procedure
  • Medicare or disabled patients who were denied treatment
  • Patients who exhausted the appeal process, (final denial, external review or ALJ) and are interested in appealing their case using the newest published clinical evidence

What is the SI-BONE Patient Support team’s role?

  • Administrating appeal assistance - contacting insurance office, confirming details such as deadlines, receipt of appeal letters and requests etc.
  • Patient appeal education-providing guidance and support
  • Record keeping/reporting
  • Following processes while keeping the patient informed
  • Making the patient aware of the latest clinical research supporting the iFuse Implant System®

This site contains general information and resources to help you navigate the private payer and Medicare process. While SI-BONE, Inc. cannot guarantee reimbursement from any third-party payer, we offer assistance to those patients who experience challenges throughout the payer approval process.

For comprehensive information about iFuse and some causes of SI Joint pain and dysfunction, please visit

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